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The Beowulf Murders book cover

The Beowulf Murders

The new thriller from bestselling author Will Adams

When Anna Warne and Ben Elias are invited to spend a bank holiday weekend at one of Suffolk’s statelier private homes, they believe it is to give a talk on their recent discovery of King John’s lost crown jewels. But their host Hector Brook has a different and far more perilous task in mind for them – to help him find out which of their fellow guests killed his beloved fiancée Charlotte Ash five years before.

As the party gathers, whispers start to spread of a spectacular new Anglo-Saxon funeral ship to match or even surpass the one found across the river at Sutton Hoo. No-one seems to know where it is, however, or which great lord or king could possibly lie buried there. But, as the danger and the body count both mount, Anna and Elias come to realise that the key to solving the separate mysteries might lie encoded in the lines of an ancient poem.

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