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The Lost Labyrinth


The Lost Labyrinth

A missing archaeologist found dying in a hotel room. A brutal Georgian family seeking to seize power. A cryptic message that hints at the discovery of a mythic treasure.

On the eve of a sensational announcement, long-lost archaeologist Roland Petitier is found dying in an Athens hotel room, his luggage ransacked. But what exactly is Georgian psychopath Mikhail Nergadze’s interest in him? And why would a rogue policeman batter chief suspect Augustin Pascal into a coma?

Setting out to clear Augustin’s name, underwater archaeologist Daniel Knox and his partner Gaille Bonnard venture into a tangle of mystery, ancient artifacts and political high-stakes. And it isn’t long before their lives are in terrible jeopardy, unless they can somehow find their way through one of the great enduring mysteries of the ancient world.

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