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The Heretic Scroll book cover

The Heretic Scroll

A thriller from Will Adams

The catastrophic eruption of Vesuvius in 79CE buried Pompeii and the surrounding area beneath thick carpets of volcanic material, creating what was in effect an extraordinary time capsule of Roman life in the first few decades after Christ. And nowhere was this more true than at Herculaneum’s Villa of the Papyri, home to the only library ever substantially recovered from the ancient world.

The Villa was rediscovered in the mid eighteenth century by enterprising archaeologists burrowing down through the compacted lava. Along with numerous statues, mosaics and other treasures, they recovered some 1800 scrolls – charred, yes, but still capable of being unrolled and read. Historians, archaeologists and Christians waited eagerly for news that something extraordinary had been discovered. It never was.

But now the great volcano has started once more to stir, and a new scroll has been discovered in the debris, one with potentially seismic implications. But while there are those who seek only profit from its discovery, there are others who’ll stop at nothing to keep its secrets hidden. And with a savage murderer on the loose, historian Carmen Nero and reformed conman Cesco Rossi find themselves in their most consequential and perilous adventure yet.

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